If I could make my film now my ideal cast would include the following:-

Remember I am thinking of their ages at the time.

Carey Mulligan as Anne

Cate Blanchett or Julianne Moore as the Duchess of York

Chris Hemsworth as Edward

Robert Sheehan as George

 Tom Hardy as Hastings

Jack O'Connell as Ratcliffe

Tom Hughes as Lovel

Ioann Gryfydd as Jasper Tudor

Nicole Kidman as Queen Margaret

Chalize Theron as Elizabeth Woodville

Ben Wishaw as Henry Tudor

and as Richard?

Since I saw him play John Lennon, with the emotional journey he went through in that, with such a command of his craft, I knew that he could handle the ups and downs of Richard's life properly. He could also play him from 17 through to 32, without CGI!

My Richard would be Aaron Taylor-Johnson. And he would be absolutely wonderful in the role.