5. Apr, 2014

I've been asked a lot of my ideas for casting for the Richard story. I do have my Richard and Anne picked out, but all I will say is they are both very talented actors who resemble the characters physically, capable of looking the right age, playing Richard from 16 to 32 and Anne from 14 to her death. The emotional arc in their story is enormous, and needs people I think capable of touching such dark and sad places, as well as  moments of joy. My two people can do that.

Names I am keeping to myself now.

I'd like to say though that I think Tom Hardy would be a marvellous Hastings, and Julianne Moore a superb Proud Cis. But those apart, I am saying no more.


I would suggest it is very difficult to write an historical script for a particular actor, as the history and facts would go out the window so that you can make your writing fit the actor you have in mind. I can imagine the hard time the scriptwriter of Jack Reacher had when, having read the book, he was aksed to write a script of it for Tom Cruise. A leading character almost 7 feet tall must be written to fit Mr Cruise and his 5 foot 4 inch frame?

But then that was fiction from a fictional source.

With history, [unless you are Phillipa Gregory to whome it seems facts only get in the way of her "truth",] and you are trying to be true to the facts, you should not twist things to fit a face or and physique. Richard's story is so rich in character and incident I am at a loss why anybody should ever want to twist the facts. So too with casting.

So it wasn't until I had finished my script that I started seriously looking about for who could play whom. Of course I have often thought over the years about who would be best to play Richard, and now and again an actor has come into focus, only to fade with time. At one point I thought Jonathan Rhys-Meyer would have been perfect for Henry Tudor. Then he was cast in the Tudors. People will be unlikely to be able to divorce the image of that Henry, the 8th, from  that if the Weasel, his father. The waters would be muddied.