26. Mar, 2014

If anyone has any ideas on how to raise money do let me know!!!

26. Mar, 2014

So first day of blog now that I have found out how to use the new site.

Had a dream last night that I was the guy who just won over 100 million quid [UKP for non Brits] and was straight on the phone to secure the actor and actress I want to play Richard and Anne in my screenplay, then organised a meeting with a major studio head to match the 50 million I would use of my own money to make my film.  My phone didn't stop ringing with calls from other studios desperate to help me out all of a sudden!

Was but a dream though.

 Here is my favourite picture which I call Richard's view, whathe saw from his seat at the window in Barnard Castle, under the carving of his boar insignia. Such a glorious view.